She shoots…she SCORES! Well, no, actually.

This morning I cancelled a first date I had scheduled for tonight.  I rarely do that, but I’m not feeling good. 

More importantly, I had just found out he lives 43 miles away from me (which could be a 2+ hr drive in LA traffic and a deal breaker for me). Sorry, Charlie. There’s tons of other dudes who live closer.

After he gives me several reasons to NOT cancel and questions my decision, I tell him for the umpteenth time it’s not going to work.  Then he hits me with this:


Dang.  I’m not a die-hard Lakers fan (actually I root for the other team in town) but you won’t ever see me turn down an opportunity to go to an NBA game, no matter who’s playing.

Except in times like this.

Where I continually prove I’m neither:

A.) A goldigger, or
B.) Settling for just anyone, even if you try to bribe me with amazing Lakers tix

Ugh. Dignity and clarity in tact, the shenanigans roll on.


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