Scrubs – “Fourth Date”

Fourth Date – March 2nd, 2017 (again, notice the importance of the month this happened in)

“Fourth Date”

Since our minds were blown after an epic and bewildering Third Date, full of serendipitous moments I’ve never experienced in dating before, the least you could say was that I was most definitely looking forward to this next one.

In addition, I couldn’t believe he had even kept his word and given me his address since he NEVER invites women he’s dating over to his house.  As the single father of two teenagers, he keeps his home life private and secure for their sake.  I knew as a single mom of a teenager, also, how special this invite was and I think we were both enjoying the surreal effects of our serendipity and wanted to keep it going.  We both agreed it was an ok move to make.

As I drove the half hour north to his gated neighborhood full of million dollar houses, I kept thinking to myself, “This is crazy….this is so weird…this is so cool…you’re about to meet his kids!…keep it together…keep it cool…”

He greets me with a hug and kiss in the driveway, both of us giddy and ready for the big reveal.

Did this guy REALLY have his Christmas tree up some 4 months after the holidays, too?!

We enter the great room and there it was.  Effing great.  OMG.
Shock and awe and something special.  We both stared and smiled and “Wow’ed” out loud that this was shared experience.

He smiled proudly.   I knew the feeling.


We moved on to the rest of the house as he gave me tour of every part of it.  The kitchen was magnificent.  The backyard faces a manmade lake.  His master bedroom suite was bigger than my entire apartment.  #ImNotMad

We head upstairs and introduces me to his daughter in her room, and his son who’d just arrived home from volleyball practice.  Awesome kids who were friendly and very polite to me.

We then said good night, retired to his suite and he locked the door for the first time, noting that was weird.  The smile on his face told me that it was ok, though.

We “watched” a movie on TV, mostly disrupted by amazing make-out sessions here and there on his SUPER comfy King-sized bed with cashmere blankets.

We laugh and joke and cuddle and kiss and then laugh and joke and cuddle and kiss.

There’s something so special about this man, and I felt 100% comfortable and dare say, loved, in his arms.  He wouldn’t let me go.

Several hours later, he remarked that he should get some sleep because he had early hours at the hospital in the morning.  I knew this amazing date had to end at some point.

He walked me out, but before I left I asked to snap a picture of the tree.  One more time.





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