Scrubs – “Second Date”

In my continued attempt to fill you guys in on the highlights of my dating life, I’ve realized that the best date of my life happened almost a year ago and I only shared it on Facebook.  My bad.  It’s the continuation of Scrubs…and there will be a few more posts to follow because we turned into a living Hollywood movie.  Definitely a rom-com, then drama, but always love.  My Facebook friends have never rooted for a guy like this one.  They LOVED him and hearing these updates.  Keep reading…

“Second Date” – February 2017

We finally made a second date happen! (To get caught up on the First Date, click HERE)

Getting to know someone who’s “on-call” at the hospital all the time is tricky, and after trying several times to make plans but he’d get paged and have to re-schedule, we finally found ourselves together again.

As we were enjoying our dinner and laughing at so much together like we did on our first date, the tavern we met at started to get more busy.

People started filling up the tables and booths next to us, the music got louder, friends all were gathering in groups. Eventually someone came over and handed us pens and pieces of paper.

“What’s this?” I asked.

“Oh, it’s Trivia Night. We do it here every Monday. You guys should play!”

I smiled real big and looked at my date. I mean, that could be fun! Or awkward. He’s basically a stranger. Would he find this weird? Too much pressure?

The host of Trivia Night, a big jovial friendly fellow wearing a blue plaid flannel over an orange tshirt, got on the microphone and said he’s giving out a round of shots to the group with the best team name.

My competitive nature kicked into high gear.

I told my date that I used to play on a trivia team with my sister and her husband and we crushed it every week. It was really a lot of fun…

He smiled. He was down to play!

I immediately thought of the perfect team name for us: “Second Date.”

Pretty ballsy, considering I KNEW when this was read aloud people would find our table and look. But I didn’t care. He didn’t either. In fact, he LOVED IT.

He turned in our team sheet name and the host got on the mic a few minutes later.

He read the rules of the evening and then a few of the team’s names. I got anxiously excited as I knew he was about to approach our very real situation…

“Next up we have ‘Second date!’ Hold on,” he said. “Is ‘Second Date’ in the room and is this an actual second date???”

My date and I both raised our hands with such enthusiasm we looked like kindergartners shooting our hands up into the air like we had the answer to the question that no one else did.

He was practically sitting on the edge of his seat, and couldn’t wait to share the news.

Everyone, and I mean, EVERYONE in the whole place turned to look at us.

We both nodded and said, “Yep! Totally true! Only our second date!…”

People smiled, and I heard some “Awww’s!” The dudes gave him a knowing smile, and I instantly felt the support of the entire restaurant behind us, pulling for a great second date at Trivia Night.

In between Round 1 and Round 2, the host got on the mic.

“Well, I want this date to end well tonight…Best Team Name goes to ‘Second Date.’ You guys get a round of shots on me. I’m pulling for ya, my man.”

Hahaha! We won! My date and I gave each other a high-five.

He was so happy and so was I. But, to be honest, he was more proud. I could tell there was absolutely no one else he’d rather be with in that place than me.

We played and had the BEST time.  Our chemistry is RIDICULOUS and it’s the kind where we’ll just stare at each other for a few seconds too long, smiling awkwardly, then glancing away while blushing.  Like high schoolers, but grown-ass adults.  Cheese Factor on Level 10.

Some of the questions were impossibly hard and instead of feeling like playing trivia as a team was a terribly embarrassing idea on a date (ie – hey, let’s find out how dumb you are…in public!), we made the best of it and laughed our way through.  I mean, our sense of humor style is so similar and we’d be cracking up and feeding off each other’s one liners, adding quick wit and snarky remarks, entertaining the other via the pop culture in front of us.  Our groove was immensely sexy.

The host came over to us at one point and thanked us for being such good sports. We thanked him for the shots.

And I thanked my intuition to give a vascular specialist with a crazy hectic hospital schedule and a wicked sense of humor another shot, too.

Best second date ever.


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