Scrubs – “Third Date”

“Third Date” – February 25th, 2017 (note the month, for importance later)

It was our third date. After an amazing First Date, and then an amazing Best-Date-Of-My-Life Second Date, I was stoked to see him again and keep the flow moving as we explored and got to know each other.

He picked me up and we went on our way to the Third Street Promenade by the ocean to do some walking around, talking, shopping…you name it. Something easy and chill after a long day at the hospital, including another surgery. He had said he didn’t mind what we did as long as we were together.

I was more than happy this was the plan – you can learn a lot about a guy when shopping, right?

We arrive, park and start strolling hand-in-hand down the outdoor Promenade – several blocks long of amazing stores, restaurants and street performers. He’s hysterical as always and we’re laughing and having fun.

He asks if there’s any particular stores I want to go in and I say, “Not really. Just having fun looking.”

He spots a Superdry, a trendy Asian clothing store, and we go inside. He had been to the one in Japan and loved their style. He asked what my favorite color was (cobalt blue) and we perused the store, eventually buying a coat for his teenage daughter. Very cool Dad!

We walk next door to Sunglass Hut and he asks me to tell him what frames look good on him or not. I LOVE shopping with guys who appreciate style and he is clearly one of them. We learn that our favorite pair of shades we both own are Gucci; a fact that we like nice things every now and then yet still remain super real, down-to-earth good people.

We head next door to Champs, where I tell him my son and I buy matching shoes every year. He loves that idea and suggests we buy matching shoes, too. He’s a BIG shoe fan and was rocking the brand new Kevin Durant’s in red to match his G-Star Raw sweatsuit. Clean. We window shop a few pairs. It’s too early for all that matchy stuff so I didn’t really press the issue but we just had fun looking around. He picked up a pair of Jordan’s and said he scored 40 points in one game wearing those. Swoon. He picked up another pair and recalled a sick alley-oop backwards dunk he made wearing those. Double swoon. Who is this guy?! A baller, which I later verified by finding his basketball league’s Facebook page that had many pics of him hooping it up, sans scrubs and wearing workout clothes and a jersey instead.

We stroll for another hour or so and most of the shops are closed so we’re just enjoying the window displays of Michael Kors, Hugo Boss (he says he used to model suits back in the day and promised he’ll dress to the nines on a date one day…I die right there because ummm…who doesn’t love a man in a suit?!), Tumi (he knows his luggage and gives me the rundown), Marbles the Brain Store (my son’s favorite), and more.

It’s getting late and so we finally head back to the car. We’re giddy and cute and he steals another kiss, as he’d been doing throughout the night. Shopping was so fun and it felt good to get out and move around for a bit. He’s very sweet and affectionate and I rated this shopping experience a huge success.

Now at this point I’m thinking to myself, what should we do? It’s about 11:30pm on a weeknight, he’s worked all day and is still on call and could get paged anytime. I know he must be exhausted.

Should I just have him drop me off? Should I suggest we drive to the ocean to watch the waves? Should I invite him over for a glass of wine if he’s up for it?

The rules of dating are always interesting and what I’ve learned is there really are no rules. You just have to go with the flow, know what you want and find someone on the same page.

We headed back towards my apartment and I asked him what he’d like to do.

“I never want our time together to end,” he said. “We have so much fun!”

I agreed and so I asked if he wanted to come in for a glass of wine.

He immediately said “Yes!”

As we looked for parking, it started to dawn on me – I had to tell him something before he got inside.

Now, this next part you might find shocking, if not a bit odd.

As I was straightening up my place before he picked me up earlier, I stopped and thought,

“Shoot. I have to tell him about this…but how?”

You see, in my living room, in the corner by the TV, stands my Christmas Tree. Yes, you heard me – my Christmas Tree! Lights, ornaments and everything. Still standing, shiny and bright, and oh-so-magnificent.

Now I know what you’re thinking…it’s almost March! Wth are you doing with your Christmas tree up still?!

Well, the truth is I freaking love it so much that I just don’t want to take it down! I went all out and had bought super cute ornaments and decorations. It has a theme and color and everything is matching and perfectly placed. It’s a piece of art and when it’s plugged in at night, I just fall in love with it all over again.

But, HOW was I going to break this news to my date without him thinking I was a total cuckoo-brain?!

We finally found a spot and as he pulled up next to the curb, there were some bushes that looked suspicious.  A random clump of green shrubs right by the street.

He looked and asked, “Hey, is that a Christmas tree? That’s weird…” His facial expression was very confused. I about died because if this wasn’t foreshadowing, I don’t know what was…

After we saw they were just green bushes, he parked and then I sheepishly said..

“Actually, there’s something I have to tell you before you come in…”

The look on his face became one of immediate suspicion. He froze in his seat. Oh geez. He must be thinking the worst.

“Speaking of Christmas trees….ummmm….I still have mine up.”

I smiled, proudly, and full of hope that he’d still want to come in.

I paused and without missing a beat, he looked at me and said, “Yeah, me too.”

I smiled harder.

“Wait, what?!” I asked, completely not expecting that response.

“Wait a minute….” he said, not really registering the statement I had just made yet. “Did you say you still have your Christmas Tree up???”

“Yeah!” I said. “Wait. Did you say you still have yours up, too?!”

“YES!!!” He laughed out loud. “I love it and won’t take it down!”

You can NOT make this stuff up, people.

“No way!” I exclaimed. “Are you being serious?!”

He was totally serious.

We both just sat there for a second in his parked BMW, full of bewilderment and then both of us shake our heads in disbelief that this is our life right now.

We’re smiling so hard and as we both got out of the car, we both say there’s no way this is true. We don’t believe it. We need to see it with our own eyes.

I mean, what are the freaking chances?!

We walked the block over to my building and as we approached my front door I told him,

“Ok. Wait right here. I’m going to go turn the tree lights on so you get the full affect!”

He said, “Well, of course! Please do.”

I struggled to get my key in the door to unlock it. Not only am I nervous about bringing him to my place for the first time, but he’s about to see my freaking Christmas Tree.

I feel the pressure and anticipation mounting.

I finally got my door unlocked and hurried over to plug in the lights. It was beautiful.

I opened the door and said,

“Ok! Come on in!” Again, filled with pride and anxious anticipation of real judgement.

He entered and lo and behold, there was my freaking Christmas tree, all lit up.

His face lit up about as bright as the tree and he immediately smiled.

“Wow! This is amazing! It’s beautiful. Can I take a picture???”

I laughed and immediately felt relieved. He of course could take a picture.

After a few snaps of the tree, we died laughing as he told me how worried he was that I had to “tell him something first.”

He joked that a bunch of thoughts ran through his head about what I could possibly be getting ready to say. He’s hilarious and thought perhaps I had a two-legged dog or a creepy neighbor who buys my groceries or a roommate that I hadn’t told him about yet. Lol!

But nope, my big headline I dropped was that I still had my Christmas tree up, a good four months longer than any normal person would have theirs up. Which apparently is exactly what is going on at his house, too.

So, guys, guess what Date Four is?

Me, invited over to his house, to see his Christmas tree. 🎄🙈😍


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