Humans Are Like Broken Glasses

Here are my thoughts on Love, Dating & Divorce:

The thing about us humans is that we’re all broken. Like strong, clear, drinking glasses that break, leaving sharp edges dangerous enough to cut other people. Some have small chips, while others have fallen from the shelf and have shattered onto the floor into several pieces.

Most of the stuff that breaks people happens in childhood or as a young adult, much too early to know we’re even made of glass let alone how to recognize our broken parts afterwards.

Other breaks happen throughout our adulthood and according to stats, over 50% of us have endured the tragic break of a divorce.

Single or not, we’re human. It’s impossible to go through life without somehow enduring some pain. On the opposite side of love and joy, it’s part of the human experience.

So as we’re single, we walk around this planet as adults, bumping into other broken glasses. Some of us stay clear of other glasses and sit our asses on the shelf. Others venture out of the cupboard and poke our heads out to look at the other glasses around us. And sometimes we find another glass we really like so we spend more time with it. Typically we see our reflection in certain glasses and are even more drawn towards these ones.

This is the interesting part.

Your glass might have a sharp edge, a jagged piece leftover from you being previously mishandled by a past lover. Or five. When you’re single and you get close to a new glass it’s dangerous territory. Unless you’ve taken the time to grab some water and sandpaper to smooth out those breaks from the past, you might have an adventurous road ahead.

Sometimes we’re blind to it because all we want is to be a perfect pair of two glasses, connected, functional, together.

Sooner or later two glasses touch, leaving the inevitable.

Maybe a slight prick of a sharp shard left on the glass. Or maybe it’s just a small cut. Or maybe a large gash that draws blood and causes even more damage.

In my journey of love, dating and relationships, I’ve learned two things:

1.) Anyone who’s made it past the 3rd grade has had their heart broken.

2.) Those who take the time to fix their glass the best they can after a break make the best partners.