UpDATE: Mr. Bodybuilder

Life hasn’t slowed down any but I wanted to share a quick update on recent shenanigans!

If you recall in my last blog about meeting a hunky man of muscles and fitness last September, you’ll remember me saying that I don’t workout and that over the years since playing sports in school I had gotten out of shape.  In that blog from September, I had no intentions of changing any of that and felt really confident in my skin regardless.

Well who would thunk it – I’m 8 weeks into a 3-month long personal training package with none other than Mr. Bodybuilder.  And I’m rockin’ it!


I joined Gold’s Gym in Venice, CA.

“The Mecca of Bodybuilding.”

(There’s even a huge sign that says that hanging on the building outside.  In case I needed a reminder and couldn’t get it by watching dudes and chicks with massive muscles piling in through the doors 24/7.)


It was my choice.  My idea.

Mr. Bodybuilder just promised a safe and fun (and educational) way to get back in shape.

And guess what?

I LOVE IT and we have SO MUCH FUN.

So this might seem like the typical story where a personal trainer guy is sleeping with his client who he met on a dating site and now trains her, but nope.

We’re no longer dating.  After 3 months from that initial date, I had decided over time that he wasn’t the guy for me. I had to let him down, despite his constant efforts to try and show me how we would be amazing together. 

We were too different and as much fun as we had together, we clashed just as much.

It’d take me hours to fill you in on what our dynamic is like, but for now, just know Mr. Bodybuilder is still a major part of my life.

We’re also in a similar place. We both aren’t interested in dating anyone now and are taking time to work on ourselves individually.

But – I’m pretty sure I love him.

For so many reasons, and on many different levels.

But not the dreamy, starry-eyed, infatuation kind of romantic love.

The kind of love that is recognized and developed only after having gone through something challenging together, realizing that the other person not only stays through the tough parts but draws you closer to them and loves you even harder despite the obstacles you’re facing (ie – for me, it’s conquering weight loss and changing my lifestyle to a completely different one with healthy food and exercise).

This man has seen me cry, get super frustrated, sad, lonely, discouraged and more.

In a world where I keep it together 99% of the time and have no reason to really ever get upset, he sees me crack.

He’s heard me cuss him out, has watched me walk out of 2 different sessions with him in the gym because I was feeling embarrassed or defeated and he always, ALWAYS gives me my space then comes after me to console, uplift and get me back on track.

He’s amazing.

And I’m special to him. Still.

When I’m not upset or frustrated at myself or struggling in the gym, I’m laughing, smiling, and flirting with him in between sets. And there’s way more of that stuff going on than the emotional stuff.  Thank God.

We have the most fun out of anyone in that gym, I swear.

And our lives together still exist outside of the gym.  We grab lunch together, he comes to my office with his very adorable American Bulldog, and we sometimes hang out on the weekends.

I see him about 8x a week because I live in the gym now and typically go workout in the am before work and then see him 4x a week in the evenings for our personal training sessions. He’s there a lot, either working out himself or training other clients.

When we’re not at the gym, we’re on WhatsApp sharing voice notes (he has the MOST sexy voice, people), progress pictures,  silly memes or texts about our day and the goings-on in our lives.

We’re super close. It’s like we’re married, minus the sex. Weird, but we both are content with what it is right now.

So, this story isn’t over.

I’m sure the best is yet to come…whatever that may be. 🙂