#DatingDilemma: The Doc is BACK!

I got a text today from The Doc.


(If you don’t know about my history with Dr. Slow Dance, you should check out the numerous blog posts. Basically, we both think each other is amazing yet he’s not been interested in anything that looks, sounds, tastes or acts like a relationship, even though I think he may potentially be my soulmate.  BOO.)

We chat briefly and then he asks what I’m doing later tonight.

Well, damn.  I’m taking Mr. Architect out for his birthday.  We’ve been seeing a lot of each other.  Like, a LOT.

He tells me he misses seeing me, and adds a winky face.

I’m still dying…

He feels like seeing something with comedy or improv.

So I tell him I’m not available tonight, but tomorrow looks good.

We make plans.

And there ya have it.

Let my freaking out commence.



EDIT: Ok, some of you are choosing “Other.” What the heck does that mean?! You gotta let me know! Comment or ping me if we’re friends on FB. 🙂


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