#DatingDilemma – The Doc

I found myself in a texting conversation with “The Doc” yesterday.  (If you need to be caught up, read here.)

Long story short, he wants to see me.  And not just at any place, but the place where we had our first date, Terranea Resort, a super swanky glorious paradise on earth type of place.  (It’s also the place where I went a few weeks back, by myself.  More details on that here. Picture below.)


Terranea Resort


So here’s my question – do I see him again? He’s very aware of where I stand and that I’m looking for something more than just casual, yet I feel like he’s got something more to either share and/or explore with me.  He stated yesterday that even though I see things as complicated between us, he’s “not going anywhere.”

Feel free to add your own answers.

Stay tuned to see what happened in a future blog post.


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