Help me out here! Vote below on what I should do tonight…

So if you recall my last blog, I shared stories of 3 different guys who were more flaky than a dandruff commercial.  And I predicted that one would pop back up.

Guess who just popped back up?! The guy in the middle of the flaky-sandwich-story. Guy #2 if you go back and read.

Of COURSE he’s sorry, said he lost his phone, needed a break anyway (from life??) and just got it back (it’s been about a month), and OF COURSE he wants to see me.  Tonight.

After reading him the riot act about how he literally blew me off (again) and how that made me upset (who wouldn’t be?), he apologizes and says:

“Baby let’s focus on the present and future now…”

“I apologize my love and I’m truly sorry.  I will make it up to you.  Tonight when I see you…”

SO.  I haven’t responded yet and need your advice on what to do.  Tonight is the only night I have open all week, actually.

Let me know what you think!

(And a little history on this guy in case you didn’t read the backstory: We had our first date several months ago.  I had pain on our date but ignored it.  Next day I was admitted to the hospital for emergency surgery.  He tried to bring me flowers but wasn’t allowed b/c his name wasn’t on the list.  He reached out during my recovery which was sweet and then eventually made plans when I was better, which he bailed on.  Twice.  And now he’s back.  Still interested.)


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