upDATE: Meet “Mr. Marketing”

When you’re single and dating and looking for “the one” there are a lot of highs and low.  A LOT of disappointment (great guys, but not quite right for you…or they’re not quite ready for a relationship…have you been reading my blog? lol)

But then there’s the first dates that you REALLY look forward to.  The ones with high hopes.  The ones where your initial conversation and communication is SO GOOD, that you can’t help but have a hunch it’ll go well.

This was the case with Mr. Marketing.

About a week ago, a very fine looking gentleman wearing a dark navy suit coat with a white, slightly open buttoned-down collared shirt and sparkling brown eyes sent me the following message:

“Good Monday Morning!
I enjoyed your profile & especially the midwest values part +++
I make great conversation (talking not texting) and a excellent LA tour guide as well 🙂

– (his name)”

Well, HELLO there.  A quick look at his pics and profile – he’s looking good and he seems interesting.

It didn’t take me long to respond and we sent a few messages back and forth before exchanging numbers.

As his last message said, he’d give me a call later that night.

And he did. Wow! Someone who not only knows how to make and keep a plan to communicate, but who also knows how to use a PHONE! #shocked #itsrare

Oh, wait. He’s 43.  A real grown-up, and another huge reason why I love dating men a bit older than me.  I’m a sucker for traditional and old-fashioned.

He calls me and we have the BEST first phone conversation.

I learn that he’s sharp, witty, polite.

He has me laughing out loud a bunch, which is KEY for me.  I need someone who can make me laugh!
He asks great questions and we learn a bit about each other. 

The whole conversation lasted about 45 minutes – a hefty convo! – and he asks if I’d like to go to dinner. 

I’m clearly interested (and giddy) and we make plans for next Saturday at 1pm.

After a few check-ins and texts throughout the week, we touch base Sat AM to make more definite plans.

He agrees to come to Santa Monica where I live and I give him an address near me where we can meet.

First impression as I was walking up to him in the parking lot? OMG he’s a jungle gym and I could climb on that ALLL DAY. His arms are huge. His chest, huge.  I’m done.  Check, please, and the date hasn’t even started.

He gives me a great, big warm hug and the “First Date Nerves” begin.

He takes me to a great lunch spot about a mile away and I can already tell he’s a bit different from other guys.

As we’re led to our table, he pulls my chair out for me to be seated.  TOTAL chivalry!

Opening car doors and doors to buildings is expected, but pulling a chair out for a lady at a table and then gently sliding it under her when she sits down, is rare.  Bonus points!

We’re seated and he takes off his sunglasses for the first time.  Those eyes definitely…sparkle, and I know using that word “sparkle” sounds pretty lame for a dude, but they were really pretty.  Just had to say it.

We have an amazing lunch.

He’s so good at conversation! His questions and stories are fantastic and he’s really making an effort to get to know me better.

He asks me about my son (whom we had talked about on our first phone call), and I start telling him more about all the fun things we did on vacation a week or so ago. 

He interrupts me with a big smile and says, “Awww…there’s that ‘mom glow’ that comes out when someone talks about their baby.  Your whole face just lit up.  It’s very cute.”

I, clearly, can’t see my own face, so I was not only impressed that this man observed that detail about me, but that he made mention to tell me.  He doesn’t have kids of his own, so this made it even more special.  Very sweet. 🙂

I find out that we have SO MUCH in common.  Check this out:

We both were former iPhone lovers, turned Samsung addicts.

We both worked in the wireless industry back in the 90s.  Him for Verizon, me for US Cellular.

We both own a Marketing company.

We both are tall (him even taller than me).

We both love social media (and he’s super curious about my experience as a Social Media Manager.)

We both love the ocean and scenic trips up the coast.

We’re both great at networking and reading people.

We both have a background working in entertainment.

We both shoot “How To” videos on YouTube.

We both can’t stand little, yippy, uncontrollable dogs that incessantly bark non-stop.

And, this one kills me, we both have almost identical screen names on our OkCupid profiles.  Crazy, right?!

At one point, he says, “Wow, you’re like the same person as me, but in a different body!”

So very true and thank GOD he’s got what he’s working with, cuz I’m A-OK with what’s across the table from me.

We exchange book titles that we’ve loved and ones we think will help the other person.

We share stories about clients and how we both work in Marketing to help businesses with campaigns. 

To put the nail in the we-have-things-in-common coffin, he even shares with me his Twitter strategy and how he’s figured out a way to gain legit followers who are engaged with his tweets in a short period of time.  It’s amazing.

It’s been about an hour so we wrap up lunch.  He pays for the bill (I always offer to help but usually get declined), and then we head on to the next part. 

He wants to be outside and see the ocean so we park back at my place (perks of living by the beach!), then walk the few blocks down to the ocean.  We find a cute, boutique hotel, the Shangri La, that has a great bar inside (and on the rooftop) and have a round of drinks.


The great conversation and laughs continue.

Here’s a shot I grabbed on the down low for ya.  The flowers were gorgeous:


We spend a few hours there in total, and ended up on the rooftop, overlooking the sights of the Pacific Ocean.

It’s getting cold so we head back to my place.  The conversation continues on the walk back.

As we head back to my garage and where he was parked, he says, “Well, this was so much fun.  Thank you.”

I thank him for driving to Santa Monica and for the lovely day.

He reaches in to give me a kiss on the cheek and a hug, and it turns into one of those “I don’t want to let go” hugs.  A hug that lasts more than the 2 seconds they’re supposed to last.

He’s such the perfect height (I have to hug UP!) and although it’s an awkward end-of-first-date hug where I wonder if he’ll kiss me or not, I’m not sure what to do but to hold on longer.

So we do.

And now we’re hugging and holding each other and talking about how amazing this feels. I swear it was feeling like an eternity.

Who woulda thought?! A HUG!

I love his arms and his back and his shoulders and his chest that my head is firmly planted against.  And then I remember this same sexy man also pulled out his phone earlier and showed me his Twitter strategy.

Now I’m really done! Check puh-LEASE!

He must have been thinking all of the amazing things in return and the chemistry that wasn’t really evident earlier in the date all of a sudden sprang to life.

The hug turned into a sweet kiss. 

And then a longer kiss…

And then like a lightning bolt had hit us, a full-on high school-style makeout-sesh happened right there in my parking garage.  Sparks freakin’ everywhere.

At one point, I noticed a car pull into the garage and park nearby.  That didn’t stop us. 

An old woman in a walker was helped out of the car, and guided slowly toward the nearby elevator. 

As we continued the aggressive tongue hockey, I could hear people talking in another language.  I can only imagine what they were thinking. 

I did not care, however.  🙂


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