Pigs may be flying…

New guy.

Today’s text:

He’s in yellow. I’m in blue.  We were just making small talk and then I get…


Yes. That just happened. He really went there and asked something that mostly WOMEN ask.

Who is he?

He found me on OkCupid, 38, good-looking, buff, polite, adventurous, career-driven, gooood guy with values… Wait for it…. Who ONLY wants to date if it leads to marriage.

Omg – he actually exists in LA!

We haven’t met yet but have texted and chatted on the phone once. We have a first date/coffee scheduled in a few days.

Stay tuned for that upDATE. 🙂

PS  –  The Doc text me today to let me know I was on his mind and that he misses seeing me…

PPS –  smh…


5 thoughts on “Pigs may be flying…

    1. I guess we’ll see! I try to go into new situations with no expectations, especially since I’ve been positively optimistic before and found out what I had believed was just a facade. Everyone is on their best behavior when you first meet. 🙂

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