upDATE Preview: Can I get a vowel?

I’ll be heading out to meet a first date tonight at a swanky hotel in Beverly Hills – a guy I met on Plenty of (Fine) Fish.

His pictures = amazing.  Model type.  Very good-looking.  A million-dollar smile.  Great fashion sense.  Suited and booted.  38.  And 6′ 2″! #swoon

We’ve messaged and texted all week and had our first phone call last night.  Conversation was pretty decent.

The only thing? He’s borderline a little too interested in me at this point and I sense a bit of red-flag danger with the texts like “Can’t wait to see you…Good morning, beautiful…I thought about you first thing this morning…(twice this week)…Hope you have a great day….If you don’t like me I hope we can still be friends…”

But, we do have a lot in common (so far) and he’s captured my attention, so I’m excited/nervous/interested in seeing him tonight.

The only problem? I’m pretty sure his name is missing a vowel and I’m not 100% sure how to pronounce it.  He gave it to me in a message and people don’t typically misspell their own name, so….hmmm.  Like, phonetically, there’s something missing at the end of his name.  Like an “A” or an “O.”  I’m pretty sure it’s a two syllable situation.  He’s apparently a Cali native (ie – born and raised in Los Angeles), so it’s nothing foreign.  I dunno.   I was too embarassed to ask when we chatted on the phone last night, so tonight will be a tad awkward, maybe.  “Hey! You…!”

I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes.

Vanna, out.


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