Why Dating is Difficult in Los Angeles


This is a frequent topic among my other single friends and myself.

A lot of people here who are dating and not finding “the one” blame it on the city. They say it’s too hard here, that people are not really looking for a relationship, or that they just don’t know what they want.   People are mostly focused on their career or their pursuits of becoming the next big thing.   Before you know it we have a city full of wandering single folks constantly shaking their head.

I’ve experienced these things myself and I’ve also seen it happen to others.

Being clear on what you want is definitely a big help.  This wasn’t always the case with me, even though I thought I knew what I wanted. Oops! Sorry to all the guys I met who were interested in pursuing more but got the hand in the face instead. My bad. That wasn’t nice and must have been super confusing when you heard me say I’m looking for a relationship.

Recently I’ve learned that in order to know what you want in a partner, you must first really know yourself. Now I know this sounds all Yoda-like, but it really does make a difference.

Knowing yourself give you confidence. Knowing yourself allows you to create boundaries, expectations and goals. Knowing yourself allows you to have easier conversations in the “getting to know you” process.

Dating can be a challenge. Why not make it easier on yourself by figuring out the above? 🙂

Los Angeles is a tricky place to date, yes, but really I think this concept applies everywhere in the country. 

What do you think?


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