UpDATE: “Too-Young-Tyson-Beckford”

My Facebook friends encouraged me to give a new guy a second chance.  I had early suspicions that it might not be a good match, but I don’t want to be a TOTAL ball-buster, so I had date #2 with “Too-Young-Tyson Beckford” (as my friend calls him).

Gorgeous, beautiful man. Actually looks more like Tyrese after staring into his eyes for awhile. I mean, wow, so good-looking, which is REALLY saying a lot to be able to stand out among all the other gorgeous people here in Los Angeles I’ve met, dated or seen on the streets. I’m tempted to post a pic of him, but I won’t.
We met at an artsy bar place in North Hollywood, listened to a pretty decent band, and talked about work, my son, his parents, dating in LA and more. Great conversation, a very serious, deep soul, but this 28-yr-old is definitely still in his 20s. The life experience was lacking and we went all “Dr. Phil” as he shared his struggle to not be a workaholic and make room for important things he now wants – like a relationship that leads to marriage. He also wore skinny jeans. And although he’s basically a model, umm…they still are a wonder for me, especially on a black guy. Yes, I said it.

Bottom line – he wants more, he likes me, the ball is in my court, he invited me to his place, he wants to go out with me again, etc but ya know what? Yeah, no. Not gonna happen. It’s just not “there!” Sorry!

We lingered goodbye at my car (mostly b/c I couldn’t stop looking at him and knew it’d be the last time), he told me it was up to me to move forward or not, we hugged then I left.

Once in my car, I grabbed my cell phone because I saw the blinking notification light come on early in the evening, but was polite and waited to check my phone until later. I was excited to see I’d missed a few texts from others I’m seeing…men in their 30s and 40s who definitely bring things to a whole other level.

“Tyson” is hot, yet I’ve never been a shallow person. I’m so glad to finally be at a place where I know exactly what I’m looking for. Looks matter, but not nearly as much as what happens in between the ears. And thus, my thrilling dating life continues…


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